Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Photography Compilation

Seeing as how there were a ton of photos taken for photography every week, I just picked out a handful of the ones that I particularly loved.

Fast and Slow Shutter Speed

The slow and fast shutter speed assignment was one that I enjoyed but it was also tedious having to take photos of every specific shutter setting that was needed.

I avoided any people in this post, but I absolutely love this photo so I couldn't not post it. Sorry Nate.

Design & Composition

I enjoyed this one since it was pretty open to what kind of photos that were required. We had to take photos that depicted the elements of design. I went for a minimal approach to most of them.


I enjoyed this one the most and did the final portfolio as panoramas. Unfortunately I am having trouble uploading others because they're "too big", although I did upload another in my previous post where I used it a reference for my Narrative Self-Portrait assignment. I will find a solution though, so that I can post my Photography Portfolio which I took more interesting panoramas.

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