Sunday, 28 October 2012

Life Drawing + Collage Assignment


This one is probably less than 30, I fooled around with my friend but I liked the look of the lines I made.


I really liked the model's short poses. All of these 1's are from the same model, she has so much fun when posing.



I seem to be in love with this drawing the most out of this bunch. I don't know why, I just find it the most interesting thing to look at.


THIS WAS SO HARD TO DO. I didn't feel like moving places when this happened, so I thought I'd give myself a challenge and try it out. It didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would!

15's and I have a love and hate relationship. They're good, but I just can't bring myself to keep working on it after 10 minutes. I hesitate a bit thinking, "should I add more detail? No, I don't have time!" when actually I do. Or, "I'm rendering this part too much, do I have time to finish the rest?!"


Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of my ink assignments that were due last week. But here's the assignment before that one which was to create a self-portrait and figure study using greys, blacks, and white paper. 
I disliked this project immensely. I understand the purpose and I can see what the assignment was trying to teach us, which is blocking out the different values. It was just too bizarre of an assignment and it was waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone.
So why am I posting them? Because I might as well, I think my portrait turned out decently. Heck, even my camera recognized it as a face! Also my teacher took both of them and are going to be displayed in the hallways (well, I couldn't find it in the pile and she says if it wasn't there she's using them).

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Poker Hands

For my 3D class we had to do a sculpture in plaster. A large majority of people seemed to be doing hands because it was the most accessible and manageable thing to work with, but I didn't want my piece to seem like every other person's piece that used hands.
I had no clue what to do yet even after creating one hand but an awesome idea came into my head one morning that made use of the hand that I already created: hands playing a card game. I wanted to do something with cards, such as hands shuffling or performing a magic trick, but I wanted to make use of the 3D space and how a sculpture is usually viewed in multiple angles. So with mine there are 3 ways to see it:
- The poker game in progress
- Player 1's perspective
- Player 2's perspective
Which is the reason why the hands end at the wrists, so it's as though the viewer takes the role of the player that they're looking at (thank you FPS games, you gave me inspiration).

Also this year they've been lecturing us about installation in most of our classes, so I wanted to be creative with that as well.

Anyway here it is:

As I was setting up my area a classmate of mine suggested the jackets on the chairs and even helped me set up a more intense game than what I had since my knowledge of poker is very very minimal. During critique it was suggested that I put it in the end of the year show (YAY!) with some changes such as:  green felt on the table, preferably a card table (I originally intended for this but didn't have one), black and red jackets on the chairs (to match the colours of the cards),  and poker chips (I was going to do this but I couldn't find any cheap poker chips since I didn't want to waste my money on something I would never use). I will definitely make the presentation much better at the end of the year show, which I'm still pretty nervous about.

Progress photos:

We had to cover whatever we were going to cast in wax first. Unfortunately no photos of my hand covered in wax because my other hand was covered in vaseline (which we needed to apply before the wax). Here's the wax mold filled with plaster already.

Then when the plaster had hardened, you take off the wax and voila! Any holes had to be filled some plaster then I sanded it down. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sketchbook Dump + ROM Trip!

I noticed I haven't uploaded anything from my sketchbook in a while since I haven't shown some drawings since summer, a couple of these are from the summer. Most are during school, especially my Culture of Photography elective since there's really not much to do during that class. So here we go!

Culture of Photography. There's 2 of the same people from the previous photo. One of which I made more stylized in the first drawing.

A friend asked me to draw her sans double chin, which was important to her. Her nose looked very Leyendecker-like, which I absolutely loved since I draw noses akin to his style.

Dude in my photography, cafeteria and a dude at the barbershop last time I got a haircut...and I'm getting a haircut this week...yeah...that was a while ago...

Showing this because I thought it was interesting to see something else other than drawings in my sketchbook, such as my commentary. I was studying this area during the summer to possibly paint (which I unfortunately didn't) but I got a pretty neat tiny thumbnail that I like. What I'm writing about at the top is some dude who climbed over the little waterfall area and dipped his finger in the running water and proceeded to wash his hands. He left then came back and did it again. The top right says "AR! He's back!" 
Bus sketches, because I wanted to try drawing on the bus again. I fail miserably every time I try but I thought I got some pretty decent ones this one time.


Visited the ROM today with some Fundies students. I got some pretty decent animal sketches there and I hope to come back. Apart from the dreadful travel to and from downtown Toronto, it was really fun! Good practice for the little zoo trip I'm taking with another group of people this friday. The group I went with today are going to the zoo this thursday and might come again friday since I mentioned it. 

Anyway here they are some sweet presentation! 

That tiger (left, yes no stripes) was so hard to draw.

When we went to the busts/figure sculptures, I didn't want to draw them like usual so I did a tonal study instead.

I had fun making this composition, although I need a logo/watermark. Why is a logo for myself so difficult?


Even though it's reading week, I'm still busy going to school for extra life and such. A life drawing post will come by the end of the week and I also need to post about my sculpture that turned out well and some photos from photography.

I actually created some decent paintings?!

So first painting assignment aside because it turned out terrible, here are the others:

Second project was appropriation (kind of like sampling other works). Everyone brought an object and randomly chose someone else's to use in their painting. I got 3D glasses, but not the red-blue variety but I wanted to show that it was for my painting. For mine I decided to go for a pop-art style quadtych since I noticed that pop art did a lot of sampling, so I sampled the colours found in a couple of Warhol's Monroe works. I made the top right and bottom left have some connection to the original lens in the first by keeping one of the lenses the same while the bottom right was completely different. This is how it's supposed to be set up, it was fun thinking about presentation for once.
My teacher liked it, especially as a mini series. I want to actually make this into a digital version sometime soon and create some more. Oh and these are watercolour and gouache (just the frames).

10 Objects Project

We have to paint 10 things on 4x6 that interests us in our everyday life. We're not supposed to think too hard about it and he gave us the assignment at the start with 5 of them due last week and the other 5 at the end of the semester. They don't take too long to do and it definitely is good practice. I'm surprised these turned out nicely (except for 2 of them which I'm not posting). I'm actually enjoying this project because there's really no way you can do this incorrectly. The range of subject matter that are in my classmate's paintings is huge, everyone's is so different.

All paintings were done with a watercolour base and then painted over with gouache. Backgrounds remain as watercolour.

I like how this turned out, the brown spots interested me.

They were giving away this "Awake" chocolate bar in front of the school book store for free. I really liked the design of it, which was the reason why I went to the store to receive one haha.

Apple cider. I really liked the warm  colour of apple cider, so for this one I attempted to only use watercolour.


We also had a landscape painting to do, but we ended up hanging them in the showcases for the entire school to see. I'll post it up as soon as I get it back.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Because my brother got the collector's edition of MoP and I've been loving the art book that comes with it.