Sunday, 23 February 2014

Life Drawing That Didn't Get Picked

So here are a bunch of life drawings that didn't get picked to put in for our life drawing portfolios we hand in every 7 weeks. I forgot to take a picture of the entire batch before handing it in, so I'll probably get the ones I liked back with notes on them and unfortunately I won't be able to post them.

We usually bring in 25 drawings and we get help from our instructor to choose 2 from each time category, here's some that were from that batch that didn't get chosen:

30 Sec

1 Min

The one above is my favourite from this bunch.

3 Min

5 Min

Here's a bonus doodle I like that I made during one life drawing session as I was getting tired. I've been itching to create some artsy stuff lately.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Character Walk Cycle

So my clean up didn't turn out so nice, I need more practice with clean up. Although my rough looks better so here's the rough!

This was difficult to wrap my head around at first but I understood it more and more as I worked on it. I would like to redo this or do another and better cleaned up walk cycle sometime soon though.

Here is my original sketch of my character at the top and below it a redesign and playing with proportions.

More redesign and I was originally going to have the character pull a train, but this walk proved more troublesome for me than I thought and I had to scrap the idea. Maybe I'll throw it in if I redo this walk...

This was an animation test I did of my character early on before even starting the walk. I wanted to figure out how his hair and hat reacted in relation to his head moving. 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Master Copy Painting

For painting we had to recreate an existing painting and also do a tonal study of it. I decided to do one from What's Opera, Doc? because I just love the colour schemes of the many scenes present in that short. 
The most difficult part was trying to get the saturated pink and purple, I spent about 1 hour mixing pinks trying to find the nearest one I can get or an alternative to it. I managed to get a decent pink that was a good substitute, but the purple was more difficult and I had to settle for something else. Apart from that, I think it turned out pretty good! I definitely learned a lot from this assignment mostly about colour values.

Definitely a great learning exercise, I'm tempted to do another one in my spare time. Although this one alone took waaaaaaay longer than I thought it would.



Original painting from What's Opera, Doc?

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Flash Background and Animation

To learn flash we had to create a background in the program and do an animation in it. I like my background and I enjoyed making something with a cartoon modern style since you can get a nice graphic look on flash. The animation on the other hand is...something else... 

You can see the animation on my tumblr page here.