Monday, 6 February 2012

Digital Design + bonus life drawing

Digital Media

Our first project for my Digital Media class was to create a catalogue spread/insert for the company, TheTateGroup. My teacher said that they were looking for a design for 2013, and if they found a good one created by one of us, they may even choose it and allow someone to work with them.

Anyway, the company is about selling products ranging from cool rollable water bottles to potpourri for poop/the bathroom (poo-pourri). Their previous catalogues were a mess and they didn't seem to have an image for themselves. So I decided, with my design, to give them a more modern look with a slight hint of retro design.

Here are the back and front:

And the inside:

I'm pretty proud of the design, and I even got a ton of compliments for it!


For my business class we had to make a resume and cover letter for an art related job posting. Part of the project was to create a logo for ourselves to put onto the cover letter and resume.

So here's mine:
I originally had it as a stylized banner that folded behind with triangular ends, but I thought they were distracting so I removed them. It's quite obvious I looked into art deco/old logo designs here. 

Life Drawing

I finally brought home one of the final assignments from life drawing last year. It was to draw the anatomy of the pose:
Don't mind the head...that's a terrible head. The proportion and perspective of it is wrong. Other than that, I think it looks somewhat fine. I could use some work on the abdomen.

It's portfolio crunch time, so I will most likely go on hiatus until reading week. Most of my projects now aren't even due until that final week, so I won't have that much to post anyway. Probably some of my work in progress for my sculpture assignment. Other than that, I think other work can wait to be posted until after. 

Wish me luck.