Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Not Dead Update

Heyo! NOT DEAD! Just been busy with work and other life stuff got in the way such as a cousin from California that dropped by and we brought him everywhere.

Here's a little bit of what I've been up to at Tinman! 

One of the projects I get to work on is the next episode of Super Science Friends and in this month's animation update it features a good chunk of the FX work I've been doing on the show (and a hilarious scene from the episode). All of the FX, except when Tesla gets angry and all super saiyan, is mine! I also did some character posing for the episode at first and also character animation. Anyway enjoy!


"Horror movies/games" 
So I did the spitter from Left 4 Dead 2!

Self explanatory. 

"British television shows"
I was going to do one of Black Mirror but instead did Utopia because no one knows of Utopia, which is partly why it got cancelled. I recommend you check it out, one of the few television shows that had great cinematography and use of colour. Not to mention such an amazing one of a kind soundtrack.

BONUS Benedict Cucumberpatch. After a friend and I were discussing how weird it was to draw him I did a quick 15 second scribble of him that I ended up liking haha.