Monday, 27 October 2014


A couple weeks ago I collaborated twice with some extremely talented first years!

To pick our theme we wrote a bunch of random things on pieces of paper and picked them out of a hat (more like a bowl). 

Collaboration #1: Space Knights, Gambling

I said that adding the word "space" before anything would make it 10 times cooler. There was a possibility "space swans" could have been chosen, which I was really hoping for. Unfortunately Vince could not attend this one due to being sick.

Collaboration #2: Birds, Skating

I absolutely adore how this one turned out, especially with the colours!

I didn't get to contribute to this last one but I'm posting it anyway since it was part of it. Also look at how cute it is! 

All artwork are copyright to their respective owners. 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Daily Doodle Round Up

Some of the daily posts I've been making on my tumblr. I have more but they're Inktober stuff and a collaboration project, and I would like to make separate posts for those.  

A dapper fellow.

Pink Punk

Hammer Designs

Trying out a different style.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Wave Boat Sack Animation

Here's my wave boat sack animation! I really like how it turned out! Only gripe I have with it after finally looking at it again a week later is the wave. It slows down a tad too slow at the peak but you can't even notice it if you're watching the boat and sack which is weird. 

Apart from that, it was a nice refresher to get back into the groove of animating. With the number of new Cintiqs and having our own Cintiq Pens, I decided to do this in digital. I regret it because the other assignments this year I would like to clean up which is easier in digital, and this project doesn't really need it. Plus I miss flipping paper.  

I'm also excited and nervous about animation this year since we're finally doing characters! YAY! I hope I don't butcher them! The next assignment that I'm currently working on, I decided to work on ToonBoom Harmony. So far I'm loving the line work on it more than Flash since I'm able to keep my messy way of animating intact. I'm still figuring out the program but so far it looks like I'm going to stick with ToonBoom with the remainder of my work...