Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Fausyberries and Splee Variety Show

I've been busy with final projects and such, I'll post all about that soon. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of most of my finals, but I'll see what I can do.

In the meantime here's my final project for Digital Media class. We were supposed to do a print design of anything of our choosing. But if we were doing a design for a recognizable brand, company, group etc. we had to get their permission. So it was recommended that we use smaller organizations than larger ones. A friend of mine asked me to do a poster for her radio show, but I unfortunately did not have the time then. To pay her back I got permission from her to do it as my final project! Yay!

Here are 2 versions I made: one 11x17 and the other 8.5x11. I did not know we had to hand in an 8.5x11 while I was working on the 11x17 because I thought of a poster, hence why it looks squished in the 8.5x11.


11x17 version


8.5x11 version

I'm very proud of the logo for the show, it turned out better than I expected. I also tried to incorporate her school's colours in the poster, but their colours didn't look that well when there was too much of the yellow on the page. So I kept it only for the important texts such as the title and the schedule to make it stand out.
I wanted it to be a simple graphic poster, but the requirements needed at least one bitmap image and I'm pretty sure the tiny icons at the bottom wouldn't have been sufficient enough to satisfy that requirement. That had me stumped for a while and I couldn't find a good picture of a microphone or a radio, nor did I know how I would incorporate it into the design. Luckily I thought of a pretty decent idea and it turned out okay. I still wish I didn't have to put one in the design though.

Anyway, my last class is tomorrow and then it's Christmas Break! Too bad I'll be spending most of my time working on portfolio work/doing studies. Yay for no rest!
Also, my schedule for next semester is somewhat okay, but it's pretty hectic. At least I got mondays and thursdays off.