Monday, 22 August 2011


Decided to practice some painting today. I've had two 6x6 canvases for 7 months now, and I've been meaning to work on this painting for a while. I thought it would be cool to create one of the icons from Warcraft as a painting seeing as how it has a painterly art direction, and I decided I would choose the hunter icon as one of them.

This took 2 1/2 hours to do, and I'm very proud of nailing the colours down and blending them. Especially the yellow highlight area, that took me a while but I'm satisfied with the overall result. The only difference from the original, was I took out the little features near the handle. Partly because I didn't want to ruin the ton of work I took blending the colours in that area, and I thought it just looked better without it.

Here's some WIP pics:

This little image here, was my main reference:

As for the other 6x6 canvas, I'm deciding which icon I'm going to paint. For another time of course, painting is such a hassle to set up and clean up.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I decided to start on a new sketchbook, and rather than having the usual second page with god awful drawings (I don't draw on the first page of my sketchbooks), I chose to draw something that I would like to look at on a regular basis. It's not an amazing drawing, but something nice to look at nonetheless. I chose to redraw one of J.C. Leyendecker's Arrow Collar paintings. It's a quick doodle that I did in less than 5 minutes, I'm trying to stray away from trying to perfect every line I draw.

And here's another doodle I did while at the park a while back. I got bored and drew this instead.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Oh hi there! No worries, I haven't forgotten about this blog. Heck I've had it bookmarked this whole time. It's true!

See! Right next to my other Google related websites that are bookmarked, and right next to Penny Arcade.
So it's been a while, and I've accomplished a bit since last time. Not as much as I hoped, but better than nothing I suppose. I've toyed around with Photoshop a lot lately, vector images and such, and I've been practicing drawing hands. I've also been searching for a tablet, a Wacom Bamboo to be precise. Cheapest one I can find was online on Newegg, which I'll buy soon. And a comic idea that's going along so well I'm proud of it, but I won't be creating it until years later.

Um, artwork. Yes. I've doodled a bit, but nothing good enough to merit posting. Here's some artwork I did during Art Fundies that I used to practice making vector images.

This one was a t-shirt design we had to do. For most of my final projects, I tried to go with a retro-futuristic theme/design. The project was to take a collective noun (or make one up) and create a design out of it, I chose clouds. The original is on the left and the vector image is on the right.

When I made it I only had a faint idea of how it would look on a t-shirt (I just thought it was a cool design). So using Threadless' kit, I made a mock-up.

For some more practice and fun I recreated my Christmas card. I decided to take away the Santa and reindeer silhouette. I even created an entire new silhouette, but it just didn't look right.

Well, that's all. The summer is nearing a close and I'm heading back to Sheridan for VCA second year, I'll probably post more then, but in the mean time I'll attempt to update a little more frequently rather than every 4 months.