Sunday, 18 October 2015

Life Drawing Characters

For life drawing we had to take one of our drawings of the model, push its silhouette and make it a character afterwards. We also had to do the final characters traditionally. Here's how mine turned out!

For each one I wanted to take a different stylistic approach. The one on the left is more graphic and cartoon modern/Ronald Searle inspired design. The middle was more form based and three dimensional with a dash of Hirschfeld. The one on the right is my own approach to character design and its a character I created last summer. 

Here's a more thorough breakdown of the development:

The life drawing looked very sinister and creepy. I first thought of this snake like character to go with it but the more I played around with the silhouette the less evil and more snooty it became.

Some silhouette explorations I did using ink and a brush. The one that's circled at the top is what gave it that snooty attitude. By accident it made a nose shape that I continued to work with until the final.

Meet Mr. Moby!

I had trouble figuring out what kind of person would pose like that until I thought of a music conductor. I wanted to try a style I haven't really tried much and since it's Inktober I researched some of Ronald Searle's work. I cleaned this up with a brush pen for that authentic jittery ink look.

I chose this one just because I really like how I captured the gesture of the shock.

This was also going to be someone villain-y. But the more I played with the silhouette the more it reminded me of someone I knew from an art gallery and his upbeat and joyous personality. I kept thinking of that guy as I worked on it and slightly based the look off him. The bottom right silhouette is a very early version of Mr. Moby and when I thought of it as a sinister character.

Meet Stuart!

Named after the very guy that inspired this character. This guy's always full of excitement and is guaranteed to always bring a smile to your face.

This life drawing was drawn during the week when we drew with conte attached to sticks hence the scribbly tree like look. Regardless I liked the pose and wanted to push it further.

Played a lot with the arch of the back and had originally thought of the character as a magician revealing something. But then I realized I already did 2 human characters and wanted to try something non-human and more cartoony. I pushed it to be more cartoony in silhouette and decided to use my character I created last year...

Meet Carecrow!

I'd like to put a description now but I'm actually working on his design, personality, and story a bit more. So look forward to seeing him very soon!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Muppet Marco

A tad late on posting this but this season's banner was drawing ourselves as a Muppet! 

Here's Muppet Marco!

And the banner with all that participated! Everyone did an awesome job again!