Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hands and Feet

Life drawing assignment that was due today was to draw 5 hands and 3 feet. I spent one whole day drawing hands that were horrible. The day after, I was on a role. In the end, they turned out pretty badass and I am very pleased with the results. Although, I could use more work on them though, especially the wrist area.
Thank you Leyendecker and hand studies throughout the summer, you helped a ton.

I love these ones. The wrist on the top one is sort of wrong, it's bothering me now.

Least favourite on the top left, most people seemed to like it for some reason...

My favourite.

Second favourite.

Feet. I never drew them before, so it's not that well done. But it took less tries to get a decent foot drawing than a hand.

This was really good practice before I draw the hand drawings for portfolio. It's creeping up ever so slowly.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sketchbook Dump

Did some hand studies and decided to give 1 minute hand gestures a try. Decided to do it in pen to get comfortable with it. I tend to be a nervous when using pen. Top right and bottom left are my favs.

I was working on my character, I went off on a tangent with this one. I thought it was a pretty solid drawing, so I saved it.

Unfinished bear/sage character. I might come back to this one day.

Creeping in the cafeteria...

 ...and my 3D class.

I just did this an hour ago out of boredom, and my moleskine needed some colour. She was going to wear a dress but I said, "nah" and decided on a bath robe instead. Why? Well, why not?

1st Semester Finals

Heyo! I know I haven't posted here in a while, I'm awful like that. It was mostly due to the fact that I had nothing to post. I forgot most of my 1st semester stuff at school during break, and even right now I still don't have some of the stuff. But I have most of them so here are the ones that I have:

For our painting final we had to create a scene based on the very very little story details we were given. The story involved some sort of kidnap, people talking, a barn and "The Monkey", which was pretty ambiguous. I imagined it as some sort of interrogation scene, with someone who possessed an important monkey necklace. Most people made "The Monkey" as a person with a possible tattoo of a monkey, since the narrator of the story thought it was a person as well, but it never really stated it was a human.
This isn't the painting, but the drawing I did. I preferred it over the final painting. The painting was okay, but I disliked the face so much, although the body turned out well. Unfortunately the painting is at school, I have no clue where it is.

Remember that egg tempera painting we had to do? I finally got it back so here it is in it's awful, messy, eye butchering state. I dislike egg tempera, although I found it as a fun process. Creating the board we painted on, and the process of mixing pigments and such made me feel like an alchemist of sorts. I still hate egg tempera.

We had to create a ransom note while "thinking as designers". Mine was the teacher's favourite because it stood out from the rest. It didn't follow the whole "Gimme ___ or else ___" style. The message was clear and the threat was implied and clearly understood. Plus the "Braaaaains" gave it a natural voice/some personality. I love the poked out eyes the most. 

Our final sculpture had to use light in some way. I went with an interactive sculpture. I literally had no clue what to do for the project until the night before which resulted in a lack of sleep and a horrible night that involved my light source's lightbulb breaking in the process and freaking out. All was well in the end.

I decided to focus on shadows light creates more than the light itself. So I created abstract shapes on a platform where the light source can be moved to create interesting shadows on a background. This was before the background, I thought it looked sweet.

I decided to go for an art deco design for the structures, or "buildings", because art deco has very sharp and geometric silhouettes and shaped with repeated lines. I thought it would fit very well for my idea. Plus, I absolutely love art deco.

I had to place each structure in a specific area and angle so that some shadows didn't cover an entire building, and the shadows needed to look interesting in different angles. The angled placements of the buildings got a thumbs up from someone and the teacher.

 Here's a shift of the light source from one side to the other. The lightbulb was fixed on a small platform in between two pieces of foamcore. The platform was able to move left and right.

I really liked the idea I had, and I thought I got my idea across. Although, I think I could have done it in some better way.


Unfortunately my life drawings are still at school because I've been lazy to pick them up. I will soon, and I shall post them...well one of them. The other didn't turn out so well.

I will also post some sketchbook stuff in a bit.