Saturday, 31 January 2015

Bogey and Mr. Fairway - Walk and Run Animation

For character design we had to design two contrasting characters in personality and design. We then had to take those characters and use them for an animation walk assignment and they had to interact in some form.

For my characters I settled on the idea of two 1920's golfers after coming across some old golf photos on the internet. So I came up with the two characters: Bogey and Mr. Fairway

Bogey is a newbie to the sport and is pretty enthusiastic about everything. He loves to play for fun. Mr. Fairway on the other hand has been playing for years, most of his life to be exact. He takes the sport seriously and plays "for the sport" as he would say. When the two decide to play a match together, things get a little awry.

I wanted to clean up this animation during the winter break but things did not go as planned and the school closed for a good chunk of the break which wasn't so swell. So here it is in its uncleaned state. I still like it a lot and I would like to come back to it and develop it more and actually clean it up as well and/or add some backgrounds at least. I had a TON of fun with both these assignments and I absolutely love the characters I came up with. I will definitely revisit them.


The first rough drawings of Bogey and Mr. Fairway along with potential names at the side. Sorry for the bad quality photo of it, the paper is too big for my scanner so I had to take a picture with my phone instead.

Hogwarts Portrait

Samuel Morin from my year suggested that people draw themselves in their respective Hogwarts house after being sorted of course. It was then made into a banner for our year's facebook group. Everyone's turned out amazing! I enjoyed it thoroughly. 

I guess the discussion I had with my friend early first year really rings true, Sheridan Animation really is Hogwarts!

I was sorted into Slytherin several years ago on Pottermore so I drew myself as the seeker for the Slytherin quidditch team. Of course quidditch would be the only sport I would ever participate in voluntarily. I also couldn't imagine myself as a chaser or beater (considered keeper though) but according to Oliver Wood's description in Philosopher's Stone, I guess I fit the "build" of a seeker.



Sam created a video with a compilation of everyone's drawings! Enjoy!

And the banner Sam made with everyone's drawings! It looks amazing! Amazing job from everyone that participated!

Sunday, 25 January 2015


Most of the caricatures I did for the caricature assignment last semester. I had a lot of fun with these! I made so many portraits and really only had to settle on a few that I liked. I also attempted to try out different styles for some of them. I learned a lot from this assignment.

Made this illustration early on and decided to colour him in.

Expression Change

This animation was done in such a short time span, I wish I had more time. Although I still like how it turned out, but there are a kinks in it that I wish I could have done better. The ending is a little inside joke with a friend of mine, Alex Phan, who has some awesome stuff that you should definitely check out. Ergo I named the character in this Alex. 



An assignment for expressions semi-based off of our caricatures we were doing. We had to do one female and one male.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Doodle Round Up

Some personal work I did in my spare time. 

Purple Foot

Quick doodle of myself.

I've been trying to not make my characters float in white space lately and instead give it some context or at least a prop to work with. I think I spent more time making the background for this than the drawing itself.

Alien in a jar.


Trying out some different colours with a noir theme.


Saturday, 10 January 2015

Herbert - Weight Lift Toss Animation

Meet Herbert! 

This was a character design based off of a small thumbnail drawing I created. I was going to post this after designing him but I ended up using him for an animation and waited for that to be done before posting. The week that the animation was due was when things got hectic in the program and it didn't stop. Hence the extremely delayed posts. Also Blogger has a weird tendency to make the whites on these images a weird grey no matter the settings.



There really wasn't enough time to do this assignment. My biggest complaint with this is that we were given one entire month for a wave boat sack animation but two weeks for this. They really should have given us more time for this since it is portfolio worthy.

Rough sketches of Herbert

I wanted his head to resemble a drumstick. Someone else pointed out that it was like an onion, I said, "as long as it resembles food!" Making his design was pretty fun, I asked my brother about a few things regarding a cook's uniform and I learned a few things! I also avoided Ratatouille when designing him. Whenever I make a new character and something similar in theme already exists, I try not to look at until afterwards.

Original thumbnail sketch from the lineup I did at the end of summer.


Wow, I just noticed I didn't upload some of my Inktober stuff here. 

So here are the handful that I liked! I don't normally draw with ink so it was a ton of fun trying a new approach for an entire month! I also did a monster challenge my friend set up, so I decided to do both of them at the same time. It was also a fun challenge to create new characters designs each day and I ended up liking a few of them a lot. I might even want to expand them and refine them later on such as the stylish vampire one. So here they are:

Frankenstein monster



Evil Clowns






Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde






Myself as a monster!
I made it up so that I was dressed up as all those monsters!