Sunday, 28 February 2016

Colour Correction Poster and Kaleidoscope Studios Logo

Here it is! The kick-ass poster for our group film! Wonderfully illustrated by Jade Poon and text and design done by me!

Agent Leon in Colour Correction will be coming soon to a theatre near you!

Remember to check us out over at

Our group decided to go for a horizontal approach to the poster instead of the conventional vertical one as an homage to old James Bond posters from the 60's. Apparently we're the first ones to ever do it! Woo!

Everyone was doing small sketches of poster ideas and then about an hour before the meeting to vote on a poster design I asked Jade to check out the horizontal posters from James Bond and she quickly sketched an awesome composition that the whole group unanimously agreed on. We all liked how the James Bond posters was a beautiful collage of the best parts of the film and we wanted to incorporate something like that. A poster extremely similar to From Russia With Love was one of our first ideas since first semester that had that collage look with floating elements in white space. Overall Jade knocked it out of the park and we've received such a great reception to it so far!

Our group is called Kaleidoscope Studios in reference to Cinemascope and the colour theme we have in our film. For the Kaleidoscope Studios logo I heavily referenced this version of the Cinemascope logo. There are many variations of it depending on the credit design, but they all shared the same bend in the type and sometimes that 3D type look. Rather than achieve the 3D look through simpler means I did it all on photoshop by hand in order to achieve that airbrush-y feel to the three dimensionality of it. I really like how it turned out!

Life Drawing Dump

Just a small life drawing dump. This semester has been really relaxed when it comes to life drawing. Now it's all themed costumes and focusing on character personalities within the drawings as well as exploration of different mediums to draw. This semester has been so liberating and it's mostly been a "Do what you want!" kind of attitude it's great. 

Here's just a snippet from one session involving the model dressed as a butler. That was probably the best session I had so far and had a lot fun and neat drawings from gestures to sustained ones:

Here's some from a session with the model as a cowboy using marker!

I really like the contrast between these last two. One being a more realistic approach to drawing the model and the other a simple graphic caricature of him.