Thursday, 15 September 2016

Busy, busy, busy! ALREADY!

End of week 2 and even though we have such few classes this year, I've been super busy on my thesis film! Constantly working on it since the first day and I already have a ton of pre-production work. I'll be posting those very soon. In the meantime enjoy a story sketch and a pose I really dig. Character designs aren't final of course! I'll divulge more info about my film the more concrete it is.

I have also added the tag "thesis" for anything pertaining to my fourth year film for quick searching. Look forward to my film! Fourth year is already one hell of a ride and I'm both excited and nervous. 


3rd year film post-mortem will be delayed until I have time to do it. Compiling all those images and info is one hell of task. There's just so much to talk/post about. I WILL do one, it's just a matter of when I have time to do it.