Friday, 14 November 2014

A Mistake - Storyboard

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, school has been extremely hectic especially these past two weeks. Luckily this week isn't so bad but unfortunately the week after is. 
Here is the final storyboard for the story beats I made previously, I hope you enjoy it!

Making my first legitimate storyboard sequence was a really enjoyable learning experience. I learned a lot like what are good and bad cuts, especially how to save a bad cut. Reading my instructor Nancy Beiman's book, Prepare to Board was extremely helpful. The book is easy to read and explains things in a simple way with a lot of visual examples (great for artists!). I highly recommend the book. The process of creating the boards was a bit of a struggle at first but I found that once you find a good way to start, boarding the rest just came easily.

The same thing happened with the story I'm boarding now, I struggled and spent a week trying to figure out how to begin. After coming up with the best idea I could, the rest just came quickly. I'm enjoying the storyboarding process so far! It's difficult but its extremely satisfying to put together a story and develop it in the end.