Thursday, 27 June 2013


Conte and pastel on paper
11 x 17 in

Here's some actual art I did in my spare time. I'm embracing the cubist within me and going with it. I tried out a lot more smudging and erasing than before as well as trying out some new techniques to create depth. That was one aspect someone recommended I do with my work so tried it out here.


Introducing the new "Artwork" tab! Conveniently located below my banner to display my personal artsy-fartsy works free from walls of texts. I also have a new label: "Artwork" so click on that in the sidebar if you prefer the walls of texts talking about my thought process to certain works. So lookout for more personal artwork in the future!


I haven't done a proper one since the end of last year! So here's some catching up to do!

Here are a few from the zoo trips I've been doing fairly regularly. Shout out to my friend Robbet for giving me rides to the zoo, thanks a huge bunch. Seriously.
Panda's are new to the exhibit! They're so adorable!

Memory characters, I try to remember a unique looking individual on my way to school or back home then draw them from memory. The spotted jacket person stood out in a crowded mall.

I started asking people to give me themes on what to draw. So the first one I was given was "mounts". I decided to go all out. None of that tiny armoured horses.


A friend proposed: African children. Never got to show him, hope he sees this. It was fun to research some African fashion!

The above two are drawings from The Sartorialist for some fashion research.

From the mini sketchbook:

Attempt to incorporate Leyendecker's style to something much more...cartoony. 

Some Longer Poses For A Change

And a few short ones...
30 seconds

5 Minutes

A caricature just because.

10 Minutes

20 Minutes

1 Hour

This was early in the year but I kept forgetting to post it. This was done during the first year class I was able to join in for some extra practice. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Daily Sketches

Lately, I've been participating in this daily sketching forum. They post a theme and you draw something fitting that theme. I decided that this was a good way to warm up so every morning I take about 15 to 30 minutes maximum to create or study something. 

It has definitely helped in more ways than one. It's not just a warm up but it also helps me think creatively, makes me do research, and I try to make myself try something different each time. Whether it's a technique or style it's a great way to see what I can accomplish and what I'm having difficulty with.

Here are the ones that I like. If indicated, titles are in italics and the theme for that particular day is in bold and links to references if used. 

Golden Tanager Study
Colour/Selective Colour

Celebrity Plumbers
Absurd Reality Shows

Messy Spaces
This one is my favourite I've done so far, lots of people liked it too!


Game of Thrones/Medieval Era
*Note: I began GoT a couple of days after this, I feel like drawing something from it now. And all of you people can get off my back now that I finally watch it.

Marty On His Hoverboard
Time Travel


Free Draw

Serious Quill
Magic Quill

Manly Still Life

Dwarf Fortress


Eye Study (of my own eye)
Free Draw

Still Life

*No tracing or eyedropper tool used from the original sources.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Numbers Series

So last year I made something for my birthday to commemorate me becoming the big 2 - 0. Afterwards I thought it was a neat idea to create more designs following the same idea with obscured numbers.

So I started it last year but grew tired of it. I went back to it every now and then but I still struggled to create anything interesting with certain numbers (number 5 I'm looking at you). But it's been a while since I worked on it and I thought that rather than making it a lost cause I should finally finish it.

Heck, I've gotten a ton of new fonts and learned many new things about design since then. So here they are, finally completed. I attempted to make each one have a theme, typically what I first thought of when I thought of that number:

I thought of binary for 0 and 1, so I went with the inverted look.

Luck. Weird considering 6 is my lucky number.

I had a different look for this one but when I went back to it I noticed that it just didn't look right. So I changed it.

I thought of Piet Mondrian because of the grid-like look of the number.

Struggled with this the most. I thought of "5 golden rings" line from 12 Days of Christmas. Finally found a font that conveyed some neat curves.


Jocks/sports jerseys. I don't know why.

Pop art.

1984/A totalitarian government. 
The number nine coloured green on a black background was the first image that came into my head. I went through a bunch of different looking "9"'s until finally settling with this one. 

They look rather nice together.