Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Dilemma Film Poster!

Here's my film poster! AND tomorrow is the class screening!! Super nervous and excited. 8 months of hard work and finally seeing it finished on the big screen is exciting. Can't wait to see everyone else's films too! Then after that it's industry day prep at the end of the month!

Here's some of the posters I did along the way towards my final design in the order in which I did them:

Originally I started with the most minimal style I could go for, which was just putting the painting in my film as the poster. A friend of mine was unimpressed with what I was doing and said I should go a little more with it. He was right. He suggested to throw in more shapes so...

I came up with this one quickly. The colours were not intended to be final. He seemed to like it along with some other people but I didn't like how random the shapes were. There was just no reason for those shapes to be there the way they are so I started to just move away from it.

Started making something along the lines of old title cards, Looney Tunes designs, and 60's design. I abandoned it fairly quickly.

Rothko's paintings were one of the main inspirations for my film in terms of composition and colour. So I decided to do the painting of Dilemma in the style of Rothko. I was digging it as I was doing it until someone pointed out that it did not whatsoever convey the feeling of my film. She was right, it looks more gloomy and gritty which is the complete opposite of my film!

So then I went back to my original idea but looked into french new wave posters as well as Saul Bass stuff. I liked this general composition and worked more with it afterwards. I broke shapes into smaller ones like french new wave posters and at one point even incorporated some key poses into the shapes. It ended up looking too busy with Art in many shapes and sometimes it was even distracting. I looked more into old cartoon posters, I liked the minimal use of colour in them, and Saul Bass then decided to go with a The Man With The Golden Arm style poster with Art featured on it. 
The broken up shapes gives it an organized chaotic look and the spaces give it a maze-like feel which captures the feeling of confusion in which Art goes through in the film. The shapes can be interpreted as other paintings on a wall or anything that the viewer thinks of which is the main theme of my film: interpretation!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

I finished my film!!!

FINALLY!!! 8 long months!!!! WOO!!!
Industry day is in 3 weeks and I got to prepare for that now. I'll be uploading some film stuff again in the meantime so look forward to that! 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Sheridan College Industry Day Commercial 2017

Ayy check it out! It's the promo for my year's industry day! Check out some quick glimpses into my year's awesome films! Mine's at 2:12!! Get excited!!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Meet My Thesis Film...Dilemma!

Since there's only 3 months left of me in the animation program, that means only 3 months left of production on my thesis film! Since there has been such significant progress on it and it's pretty set in stone I thought I'd give some info on my film as a treat and something to look forward to in the coming months! So here's the title of my film and a brief synopsis!

" Art connoisseur Arthur comes across a minimalist painting titled, "Dilemma", and he doesn't quite understand it. After a moment of struggling to figure out what it's supposed to mean or represent, he begins to walk away...only to be stopped in his tracks and finding himself face to face with the painting once again. Arthur is lured into the painting and has a desperate struggle to understand what Dilemma is about and what it's trying to say. "

Here's a sneak peak at my thesis film! This clip is used in the Sheridan College Industry Day Commercial 2017.

Every year the school changes its login screen with a collage of the fourth year's film characters. Here's Art and Dilemma together in an Atlas pose which basically sums up their relationship.

And the login screen in all its glory!

(High quality version)

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Super Science Friends Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo

The new episode of Super Science Friends is out and I had the awesome opportunity to animate on it during my internship at Tinman! I did FX animation, character animation, and posing on this episode.

Check it out and enjoy!

Monday, 9 January 2017

First On Screen Credit!

Check it out! I had the wonderful opportunity to animate this whole episode with a fellow Tintern, Tex Minos (check out his stuff it's amazing!), with the help and supervision of Larry Berriere. Although I've worked on several projects already, this is my first on screen credit! WOO! It's a small thing but a big deal for me :)


I learned a lot animating on this project especially with Flash rigs! I didn't understand Flash rigs 2 years ago when I first learned it but thanks to Larry's help the process went so smoothly. Some hurdles here and there but it was a fun learning experience and it's wonderful to see it all come together!