Saturday, 30 March 2013


So I'm able to sneak into join a first year class for some extra practice. They did portraits one day and they turned out well.

25 Minutes

15 Minutes
This seemed to go by too fast! I didn't time myself well and rushed this.

This one wasn't actually a portrait drawing, it's an unfinished 15 minute pose. I decided to spend more time on the upper body so the figure looks disproportionate from the shoulders down.

Other portraits:

This one was of a fellow friend of mine in fundies who went up to pose since the model was running late. Unfortunately it's unfinished because the model suddenly arrived but it turned out pretty nice nonetheless. Thanks Travis!

Caricature of the model since I was getting tired that day. 

Life Drawing Dump

Haven't posted some life drawing in a while, so here's a ton! A couple were candidates to be submitted for my portfolio but didn't make the cut.



Messed up the pose before and got frustrated, then I let loose with this one. I don't remind myself as often as I should of what a teacher once told me: "Be Loose".




We recently had to draw a couple of clothed figures for an assignment. The drawing of the other model didn't turn out so well for this one.


Here are some drawings I did playing around with proportions, shapes and angles. I thought they turned out nicely, I decided to try it out after doing some cubism exploration for my drawing class the past couple of weeks. I applied some things I learned from it, I guess choosing cubism as my content wasn't so bad after all.

Here you go Juli! I finally uploaded this one haha, I can see the appeal now.

Friday, 29 March 2013

VCA Grad Show Postcard Design

We were allowed to submit designs for the VCA Grad Show invitations. Unfortunately mine was not chosen. For my designs I decided to go with the whole "It Starts With The Art" thing they have on the page about VCA on Sheridan's website.

Here they are, for some weird reason uploading it to blogger made the colours look saturated. Also I submitted my cubism drawing as one potential design too:

This white one is my favourite. I'm proud of the logo I made of VCA for these two.

The purple on this wasn't as intense. No matter how many times I uploaded this it still kept changing the purple, so this will have to do.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Third Time's The Charm!

Celebrated in the afternoon with a bunch of people who got into their programs too. I smiled the entire day, I couldn't help it.

Obligatory portfolio post coming ASAP. A bit busy with school, although one assignment actually involves posting on this blog and sharing it. So posts incoming in the next week or two! Stay tuned! For now, I can finally relax.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Time to get better at painting...

So portfolio was handed in last week! But I'm trying to keep my mind off that and focus a bit on other things now that I have so much free time...kind of. There's still an unfortunate amount of homework to do.

But one thing that I told myself that I would do this year was practice and become better at painting since I am terrible at it. So minimum 2 paintings a week, digital or traditional (preferably traditional), of anything as long as I get some sort of painting done. 

I had to paint 12 digital frames before reading week but I will save that for another post in a couple of weeks since the other half of that project isn't complete yet. Apart from that separate assignment, I attended extra life painting this past wednesday because I can sacrifice a day from life drawing now! 

I was going to just do tiny studies of the head/hands/body during my time there, it ended up becoming an exploration with colour. These may not be the most appealing paintings but I had fun playing around with colour and creating contrast with them and I think that's what is so successful about them:

After my first failure of a study I took a dive and worked with the terribly mixed skin tone I made and mixed in a bunch of colours along the way.
After working with neutral colours, I felt like working with warmer tones.
A monochrome study with a cooler colour. I thought you couldn't really tell what the entire figure was doing in the previous ones and decided to crop it instead.

The brown was the result of my first attempt at doing a tiny study, getting angry at the terribly mixed skin tone, then wiping the entire thing around out of anger. I came back to it at the end and did the head study, which I think turned out pretty neat.