Sunday, 2 December 2012


This assignment was pretty fun to do! We had to take an existing pose that we drew this year and change it in 3 drawings. Either a progression of a change, 3 separate changes, or 1 change with different techniques.

I decided to try out what they do in second year animation where they do a creature design while life drawing. I had some people even say it reminds them of the animation assignment when I never told them what my goal was. YAY!

My pose involved holding a pole, so I had to design a weapon or tool as well as think of what kind of setting they would be in.

I wanted to do something with hooves. So I was inspired by a satyr from Greek mythology. I put him in front of some temple as though he were guarding it while conjuring a flame.

I also wanted to do a bug. This one required a lot more research but mostly based off a praying mantis' features. This one is probably my favourite. I gave him a hand crafted stick and put him in some fantastic forest as though he were travelling or just entered a brawl with someone in the forest.

I had no idea what to do for my third one and the only thing I could think of was a bird but I didn't want to draw a ton of feathers. Plus, what does an anthropomorphic bird hold as a weapon? And what setting would he be in? I chose a rooster because of their interesting silhouette (and the fact that I'm quite familiar with a rooster's features) especially around their legs and head, and they have very thin feathers. I also looked at other birds such as flamingos for more reference. I gave it a spear because I didn't know what kind of weapon a rooster would use, and gave it context by putting him in some sort of dojo as though he were training.

I also have previous assignments that I need to take a pic/upload but there's too much work right now nearing the end of the semester, plus portfolio. I probably wont be able to update in a while, but I may upload a little something after this one. 

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