Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Here are a bunch from the past few weeks at the zoo categorized by species. Enjoy!

Not the most flattering drawing of a giraffe, I underestimated the length of the neck (also giraffes are the bane of my existence). It ended up becoming a study of its patterns instead along with some olive baboon gestures.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Character Silhouette

More playing around with silhouettes as a warm up. I actually want to refine this character design, I really like the head.

Sunday, 18 August 2013


Some future classmates and I have been participating in these art jams every thursday this month on Google Hangouts to get to know each other as well as playing some drawing games as exercises. This past thursday we just ended up doing our own things and mostly talking instead of drawing games. I doodled Spiderman out of boredom and liked it, so I wanted to add a little pizzazz! 

And here's the doodle:


There seems to be something in the sidebar...

Because my number Juan fan asked for a teaser. Fine here you go:

Monday, 12 August 2013

Circuit World

I know what you're thinking...
I didn't think of it once as I worked on these. It was only after did I realize the resemblance...but seriously, how can you not make anything with circuit imagery not resemble Tron?! I was actually thinking about the game Transistor by Supergiant Games, art deco (as usual), and of course computers. 

I thought: what if chipsets were structures? A high-tech temple? What about a city?! And then these happened:

I started with this one first of a basic structure, somewhat temple like, trying to see if the imagery I wanted worked out. I chose the green, grey, and white colour scheme to resemble a basic motherboard with some highlights of colour to give it a glow. Then I started working on the city piece below, then I returned to this piece after painstakingly tweaking the city to make these two work together. 

I thought about how a more "modern" civilization would look with the same visual style of the temple one above. So in a sense, the previous one is of something from the past in that world, and this is an entire society built from that. I also decided that a gradual change in height would look far more interesting than an entire composition of similar buildings. It also gives it a sense of scale far better than what I originally planned.


For the lack of a post last week since I told myself I would update weekly this month, I'll be posting more than once (or even twice) this week. So stay tuned dudes and dudettes!* 

*Don't mind me...it's late and I kept tweaking the bottom piece all day.