Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Familiar Adversary

Bolik comes across a familiar nuisance on the foreign planet...

I'm been trying to put characters in "moments" recently and this is just a start. I'll keep at it.

Life Drawing Catch Up! Part 1: Anatomy and Figure Drawing


Looking back, my last life drawing post was last year! I didn't update anything about that this past year! MY BAD. So I dug up a pile of drawings that I kept, unfortunately I either lost or accidentally threw away some that I actually liked. So these will have to make do. 

BEHOLD PART 1: Anatomy and Figure Drawing


A few anatomy studies from the past year that I kept. I was scared to begin studying them since THERE IS SO MANY MUSCLES. But in terms of drawing them it wasn't so bad. The techniques we learned on how to draw them were extremely useful and made it easy. 

The muscle test on the other hand...having to remember so many had me nervous during winter break. But I passed the written test with flying colours! And I made sure I didn't cram for it and studied for it weeks beforehand since there seemed to be hundreds in the arm alone. We also ended up drawing real preserved human bodies at one point which was probably one of the highlights of the class for me. 

Look at them glutes.

Never skip leg day!

Unfortunately I cannot find my muscle test drawing (which I did extremely well on and got on the wall! WOO!) but here's an old picture of a drawing I did of the legs in the same view as the one I submitted for the test. Also unlucky me, I can't find this drawing either...and I liked both of them. I swear I kept them somewhere safe but they weren't part of the pile. 

Life Drawing







Overall I didn't improve as much as I would have liked. My limited time at school + insane workload + commuting pretty much required me to choose between extra life or doing homework that I can't do at home because I didn't have the tools or software. But studying anatomy has definitely helped me a ton and makes me view figures differently as well as making it easier for me to construct and rotate characters.

The class itself was a vast improvement over first year. It was much more relaxed with the teacher I had and it was more about how each person approached a drawing and not about how closely you can draw to the textbook examples that first year life drawing only seemed to have accepted. First year was such a depressing atmosphere for life drawing, it was extremely refreshing to have a class that accepts your approach and how to make it better. Hopefully third year is the same! 

Life Drawing Catch Up! Part 2: Clothing and Creature Design


We studied clothing and clothing folds too! Super fun but difficult. I need more practice but I heavily enjoyed drawing and learning it.

I really enjoyed these early exercised and gestures that involved the model being under a large piece of cloth (Spooky!). The shapes they created were wonderful to just look at and draw. 

This one was a bit focused on depth with a foreground figure and a shorter time of 10 minutes.

I don't particularly like this drawing but I like how I did the pants in this one a lot.

Same deal with the previous drawing, I just really like how the folds look on this one. The proportions are off though and it's pretty messy. 

Creature Design

We practiced some creature creation and how to meld different aspects of animals and whatnot together! I loved doing these because your imagination is your limits and it's basically character design!

I definitely drew this one like one of them french girls.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Revamped Character Line Up

Cleaned up and redid my character line up a while ago but haven't had the time to post! Along with an all new design for Bolik!

The title for this is removed until I make a decent logo for it. The one I have now is a placeholder but I'd rather show something a little more final.

Behold the new design for Bolik! I was never satisfied with the original design as it was the weakest from when I originally submitted it. I still wanted to keep the spirit of the first design. I went back and thought about what kind of character he was. 

He's a smug character that enjoys his day to day life but was suddenly chosen to perform a space mission without prior training. So rather than keep him broad shouldered like before, which gave the impression he's done some training and was prepared for the job, I made him slimmer. Other improvements were based on how difficult it was to redraw certain elements when rotating or posing such as his collar and especially his head. The original design's head was extremely difficult to keep consistent. In the end I looked towards classic TV cartoons as inspiration and was heavily influenced by Looney Tunes for Bolik's design.


Apologies for the lack of posts even though I said I would go back to posting a tad more regularly but something awesome came up which I'll post about very very soon...