Sunday, 4 March 2012

Portfolio: Personal Work

So portfolio was last week, I handed mine in the first day. I'll have to wait until the end of the month until I get the results. I'm very proud of the work I produced for the portfolio (except the character design), although I'm hesitant to post it online right now.

I will post my personal pieces I attached for the "personal work" section though. One of my personal pieces was the hand drawings I had to do for Life Drawing, so I won't be reposting those.

Skeleton Study

I know I messed up on the pelvis, that was difficult to do along with the overlapping arm. As well as the foreshortening of the left leg was difficult.

Standing and Sitting Figures

This one I am VERY proud of. I've received a ton of compliments for it too, even from the model himself! The task was to draw the same model in both standing and sitting (clothed) poses. Drawing on kraft paper with the highlights, shadows and mid-tones were optional, since we had to do a drawing on kraft paper anyway. The kraft paper drawing I will post another time.

Rooster Head Sculpture

This took about 7 weeks to create, and we also had to create a sketchbook with studies on the animals we were doing. I may or may not post those notes, but I have some decent drawings of roosters in there. We also had to create texture on the sculpture. I had difficulty finding something similar to the bumpy look of the wattle. I went through several textures until I settled on using the towels used to cover the sculptures and keep them moist.


I'm only posting the best interesting pages. I've already posted one page not too long ago.

I like this page. I've had the idea of doing cardinal heads, but only showing the black pattern on their face on a red background. I tried that, but it didn't turn out so well. A watercolour background, red pencil crayon and marker got the job done. I also have a raccoon page similar to this I'm working on.

That's all for now. I'll post most of my portfolio soon, something about doing so now just makes me feel uneasy.