Sunday, 24 April 2016


The premiere went really well! Watching all those films on the big screen was exhilarating. Our film showed first since we usually were the last ones to screen throughout the year as we were the last group. 

The moment I saw our logo my heart sank and freaked out expecting the worse: sound not working, a scene was coloured wrong, we forgot and didn't animate a scene, ANYTHING. Considering my group always got the short end of the stick throughout the year and we had a huge technical error the day of handing in the film so were the last ones to submit, it wasn't so bizarre of me to be extremely worried. But just a couple of scenes later that feeling went away and I was completely engrossed in our own film and the crowd watching it. 

Hearing their reactions with "ooh"s and "aaah"s, laughs and "WHOA!"s felt so great to hear. The response and feedback afterwards were even better which have been very positive so far! They were also usually accompanied by "that was really ambitious...". We were crazy enough to do what we did and we managed to deliver. 

During our screening we also voted on best film and MVPs from each group and I was voted the MVP for our group! After the screening I felt such a rush of emotions and relief as the year was done. The past 8 months culminated into that one moment and it was grand. After navigating past the large crowd outside the screening room for the public showing afterwards, we all went into the studio and took photos with our mentors and groups. It was great, everyone was excited, pumped, and overall happy. The gloom that set in the studio the past week or two was gone and everyone was just happy everything turned out fine. All the films in my year turned out amazing and I'm proud of what everyone managed to create! Congrats to everyone, it's been such a great year!

To my Kaleidoscope Studios team, I couldn't have asked for a better ragtag group of awesome people to work with. Even though I didn't know most of them at the beginning of the year, it was a pleasure to work with them, learn from them, and get to know them. They were like my second family this year and I'm glad we accomplished something great.

Here's some photos from that day!

Kaleidoscope Studios team with mentor Tony Tarantini! Missing: Alyssa Bucholtz.

From the screening:

Me in the top right descending the stairs to join the other MVPs!


As for the film, it won't be posted online in a while! When? Not sure. Submitting in festival perhaps?? Got to get that composer thing worked out though in the meantime. Look forward to seeing it when it does go online! One more showing at Sheridan is this tuesday April 26 at 10am in S235 if you have the chance!

I will also make a post about my experience during the third year film production sometime soon as well as post the art that I've done for the film! Stay tuned!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

3rd Year Sheridan Animation Premiere is TODAY!

I'm super excited and nervous at the same time! After 8 months on the project the film is finally done! I will write about the experience after all of this cools down. But get hyped for those that can watch it today at 5:45 in J102!

Here are two screenshots from the film to whet your appetite!

The bottom one is a scene I animated! Get excited!

Also here's a bonus! Dom Corbett made an awesome drawing of the cast of the film at the premiere!

Friday, 15 April 2016

Not Dead But Hanging In There

Haven't posted in a while. Don't worry I'm not dead...sort of. Just extremely overwhelmed at the moment with the group film production and having to stay late or overnight at the studio this past week. It's going to be handed in this tuesday and screened on April the 21! So get excited for those that can make it to the screening at school.

Here's a little poster made by my story teacher with a fun Taylor Swift quote with the schedule:

Also check out our blog again at for some neat behind the scenes stuff going on during crunch week!

Get hyped! Now back to work I gooooooo!