Monday, 30 April 2012

Life Drawing

This was the other pair to the standing and sitting figures we had to do a couple months ago on kraft paper and white conte.

Creature Design and Skeleton

This was my first time designing a creature and we had to create a skeleton for it. I went for a bipedal mutated humanoid. I referenced the splicers from Bioshock a lot and I mainly did not want toes on mine.

Figuring our the skeleton for this was difficult...

Master Drawing Anatomy

We had to take a drawing from any of the old masters (a lot of people did Michelangelo this year according to my teacher) trace it and do a muscle and skeleton study of it. I chose one of Michelangelo's and we had to label 20 muscles and 25 skeleton/skeletal structures. This project taught me a lot!


I really need to work on the pelvis...

Contrast and Portrait 

Our final two drawings for the year focused on contrast in the figures. One needed to be a standing pose while the other was a portrait, which I was terrified to do because I have difficulty with portraits.

Model stood for 3 hours...

My camera recognized this as a I guess that's a good thing? I'm satisfied with it though.

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