Monday, 30 April 2012


Our second project needed had to fit under one or more of the four given categories. All of which had to involve some sort human body part. Mine fit under the the hybrid, body fragmented and social commentary category. 
The sculpture portrays our reliance on technology and how it consumes us. I asked a few people and they either interpreted as either being consumed by technology (what I first saw it as) and other saw it as breaking free. 
I mainly wanted to use computer parts, especially wires for the arm section and keyboard keys and apoxie for a flesh-y look for some interesting contrast. The hand was made out of apoxie with a foil and wire armature. I was going for the whole zombie breaking through the dirt imagery, and the idea of using keyboard keys as the "dirt" came into my mind. The fingers were also going to be somewhat wirey but due to time constraints and the slightly larger than life size, it would have proven to be too difficult with very little space to work with in the fingers. 
Materials used: A pictionary electronic toy, an old power supply (which provided most of the wired and connectors), one keyboard. I also bought an optical drive but I couldn't get it to open for some odd reason, a waste of 5 dollars...
Overall I'm proud of it, could have used more keyboard keys and I liked the messy look I gave the fingers (looks like it's melting of sorts).

Close-up of the wire arm, this was pretty fun to do, but it took longer than I expected.

I hid my name with the keyboard keys, as well as the word "pwn" (not pictured).

It was also at the art show this past weekend!

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