Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Life Drawing Catch Up! Part 2: Clothing and Creature Design


We studied clothing and clothing folds too! Super fun but difficult. I need more practice but I heavily enjoyed drawing and learning it.

I really enjoyed these early exercised and gestures that involved the model being under a large piece of cloth (Spooky!). The shapes they created were wonderful to just look at and draw. 

This one was a bit focused on depth with a foreground figure and a shorter time of 10 minutes.

I don't particularly like this drawing but I like how I did the pants in this one a lot.

Same deal with the previous drawing, I just really like how the folds look on this one. The proportions are off though and it's pretty messy. 

Creature Design

We practiced some creature creation and how to meld different aspects of animals and whatnot together! I loved doing these because your imagination is your limits and it's basically character design!

I definitely drew this one like one of them french girls.

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