Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sketchbook Dump + ROM Trip!

I noticed I haven't uploaded anything from my sketchbook in a while since I haven't shown some drawings since summer, a couple of these are from the summer. Most are during school, especially my Culture of Photography elective since there's really not much to do during that class. So here we go!

Culture of Photography. There's 2 of the same people from the previous photo. One of which I made more stylized in the first drawing.

A friend asked me to draw her sans double chin, which was important to her. Her nose looked very Leyendecker-like, which I absolutely loved since I draw noses akin to his style.

Dude in my photography, cafeteria and a dude at the barbershop last time I got a haircut...and I'm getting a haircut this week...yeah...that was a while ago...

Showing this because I thought it was interesting to see something else other than drawings in my sketchbook, such as my commentary. I was studying this area during the summer to possibly paint (which I unfortunately didn't) but I got a pretty neat tiny thumbnail that I like. What I'm writing about at the top is some dude who climbed over the little waterfall area and dipped his finger in the running water and proceeded to wash his hands. He left then came back and did it again. The top right says "AR! He's back!" 
Bus sketches, because I wanted to try drawing on the bus again. I fail miserably every time I try but I thought I got some pretty decent ones this one time.


Visited the ROM today with some Fundies students. I got some pretty decent animal sketches there and I hope to come back. Apart from the dreadful travel to and from downtown Toronto, it was really fun! Good practice for the little zoo trip I'm taking with another group of people this friday. The group I went with today are going to the zoo this thursday and might come again friday since I mentioned it. 

Anyway here they are some sweet presentation! 

That tiger (left, yes no stripes) was so hard to draw.

When we went to the busts/figure sculptures, I didn't want to draw them like usual so I did a tonal study instead.

I had fun making this composition, although I need a logo/watermark. Why is a logo for myself so difficult?


Even though it's reading week, I'm still busy going to school for extra life and such. A life drawing post will come by the end of the week and I also need to post about my sculpture that turned out well and some photos from photography.

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