Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I actually created some decent paintings?!

So first painting assignment aside because it turned out terrible, here are the others:

Second project was appropriation (kind of like sampling other works). Everyone brought an object and randomly chose someone else's to use in their painting. I got 3D glasses, but not the red-blue variety but I wanted to show that it was for my painting. For mine I decided to go for a pop-art style quadtych since I noticed that pop art did a lot of sampling, so I sampled the colours found in a couple of Warhol's Monroe works. I made the top right and bottom left have some connection to the original lens in the first by keeping one of the lenses the same while the bottom right was completely different. This is how it's supposed to be set up, it was fun thinking about presentation for once.
My teacher liked it, especially as a mini series. I want to actually make this into a digital version sometime soon and create some more. Oh and these are watercolour and gouache (just the frames).

10 Objects Project

We have to paint 10 things on 4x6 that interests us in our everyday life. We're not supposed to think too hard about it and he gave us the assignment at the start with 5 of them due last week and the other 5 at the end of the semester. They don't take too long to do and it definitely is good practice. I'm surprised these turned out nicely (except for 2 of them which I'm not posting). I'm actually enjoying this project because there's really no way you can do this incorrectly. The range of subject matter that are in my classmate's paintings is huge, everyone's is so different.

All paintings were done with a watercolour base and then painted over with gouache. Backgrounds remain as watercolour.

I like how this turned out, the brown spots interested me.

They were giving away this "Awake" chocolate bar in front of the school book store for free. I really liked the design of it, which was the reason why I went to the store to receive one haha.

Apple cider. I really liked the warm  colour of apple cider, so for this one I attempted to only use watercolour.


We also had a landscape painting to do, but we ended up hanging them in the showcases for the entire school to see. I'll post it up as soon as I get it back.

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