Sunday, 7 August 2016


I got to contribute to this cute series of videos (1 of  6)! I did some rotoscoping to get rid of the puppeteers, heads popping up, and hands that would occasionally appear in frame. This is probably my first project that I contributed to that was fully completed and released! Everything else is still in production (Cuphead, Super Science Friends episode 2, etc.) Funny too since this was my most recent project to work on haha. Somehow word got around that I'm After Effects savvy at work and how I composited the majority of my group film. How it happened I don't even know since I asked the other Tinterns if they said anything and no one did. Regardless, it was a job I wasn't expecting to do during the internship but did so and enjoyed it anyway because I got to use the beautiful program that is After Effects!

 Anyway enjoy! And remember to check out the 5 other videos on the Super Simple Songs channel.

Some recent Tindraws:

We did superheroes to send to Ben Austin, a child who was recently diagnosed with a form of pediatric kidney cancer. Read more of the story here.
I did Mr. Incredible with the message "You're Incredible!".

"Stranger Things"
Woo! So happy that was the theme. I'm so glad so many people are watching it now. I had no one to talk about it to and speculate with when it first released. But after the surge in popularity and pushing people to watch it (muahahaha) I can practically freely talk and theorize with people now it's so much fun. If you haven't checked out the new Netflix series GO WATCH IT NOW!

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