Sunday, 29 March 2015

Chad Axelrod and Scops

For character design we had to design two anthropomorphic characters, one with a beak and the other a muzzle. I was pretty happy we got back to doing anthropomorphic designs! Not that there's anything wrong with human characters, which I definitely got better at due to having to do it multiple times. It's just I get to play with a lot more shapes!

Chad Axelrod
The coolest gecko in town

He's slick, he's got style, and most of all he's cool. Chad gets all the ladies (or so he thinks) by showing off everything he's got. He isn't someone you should mess around with, he's gotten into many fights (with his parents), can down 10 pints (of water) and is part of the SIGMA PI fraternity (sole member). He thinks he's the hottest thing in town, when in reality he really isn't.


Scops is a lethargic owl who loves sleeping in. If Scops isn't sleeping, he's dozing off no matter when and where. 


I needed a typical frat boy douche name and "Chad" was one of the top options along with others like, "Steve", "Tyler", and "Drake". The name "Chad Axelrod" came from a classmate of mine, Vlad O, who said he knew of a guy with that exact name. I thought it was perfect. Luckily he suggested it moments before handing it in.

I really liked the pose on the right a lot but he had no prop, so I had to figure out some way to add one which ended up being the sunglasses.

I really like the design I did for Chad, I wanted to make a character with very minimal straight or edgy lines like I usually do. I thought that some reptile character would be appropriate for such an idea since they're very "smooth" in the way they move. So Chad was entirely based on the idea of "smooth moves" which applied to his cocky personality. I designed his hands so they too were extremely flow-y by making them long.

Scops was based on my experience in this program. As the semester goes on, the lack of sleep due to the insane workload leaves me tired and finding myself sleeping or taking naps in the studio. I'm definitely not the only one as my fellow classmate is known to have the ability to fall asleep in any location at any time at school. 

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