Thursday, 24 April 2014

Marco & Sarah's Epic Short Film

For our final digital tools assignment we had to make a short film, so I collaborated with Sarah Kieley to create this silly little short. We stuffed it with as much cliches as we could:

We animated our own character's transformation/weapon sequences, you'll probably be able to tell with the clash of styles haha. I also animated the beginning with the distant shot of the girl jumping.

Since I'm not particularly good at layout, we agreed that I handle the transformation sequence backgrounds. For references I looked into typical anime transformation sequences such as in Sailor Moon and mostly from one of my favourite ads: the Fratellis Flathead Ipod Commercial. I wish we had more time because I enjoyed animating these design-oriented backgrounds and they could use a little bit more polish.

Concept Art

Sarah's original drawing of her character.

My redesign of Sarah's character. She's nameless but I kept referring to her as "Pointy" even in file names or when I talked about certain scenes. So she's unofficially named Pointy. Only request I had with her character was to colour her jacket yellow, I just thought it looked like a badass raincoat and it would make her stand out from the backgrounds.

The character I designed based off the style of Sarah's concept and my redesign of her character. I named him Bino (Bye-no) because of the binoculars he uses. In the end you don't even see him using it haha.

There was an up to date colour test but I can't find it, so you'll have to settle for an earlier one that's missing the back of his jacket. 

Storyboards, here you can see a deleted scene that involved Bino.

A background I designed for a scene that got deleted because we didn't have time. It's the part where Bino is looking through his binoculars behind a rock and walks away in the storyboards.

For the final freeze frame we wanted a ton more detail on our characters and drew them in the most badass pose possible. Sarah and I drew our own characters but Sarah coloured both of them in.

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