Thursday, 13 March 2014

Genie Head Turn

I disliked this assignment, it was too technical. I also didn't like the fact that we had to use an existing character and base it off their model sheets when in reality 2D CHARACTERS ARE ALWAYS VISUALLY CHEATING. So essentially, we had to break the model and somewhat redesign it anyway so it can work for this aggravating assignment. 

Take Genie from Aladdin for example. Fun flexible character, Al Hirschfeld inspired design (reason why I chose it), loosely drawn, easy right?

Not quite, I restarted this head turn 3 times. Genie, had some cheats that made it really difficult, the most obvious one being he rarely has a neck area. Giving him one like in Kingdom Hearts makes him look really awkward. I reverted back to how he's normally drawn without a neck during the "meow" part. I was able to keep the cheat they use with the nose always overlapping the lip though. The other difficult part of this assignment was that Genie is rarely shown in any other view other than 3/4 front, so I had to figure out and make up a few of the views.

Here's the rotation:

In the end, although I disliked this assignment, I think the rotation turned out decently. Shoulders are wonky and I admit I just made sure they were "okay" enough, I started to get tired of this assignment the longer I worked on it. Heck the majority of my reading week was spent on this...I had no break during break week.

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  1. Incredible smooth animation, cheers! Interesting to read your thoughts about this project. Thanks!