Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Personal Title Card

We had to create a title card for my digital tools class with our name and class/group. It's supposed to be used for any videos we make such as a demo reel for the year. Since this is the small amount of design work I'm able to do in this program (along with other title pages), I decided not to do any drawings on this. Also it's because I didn't want to do a cartoon self-portrait of myself like what 90% of everyone else is doing for their title card.

I went for a typical cartoon episode title card feel, but give it some sort of agent/spy-like design theme because I've always wanted to try it out. I also tried out the word, "Team Bravo" as you can see here:

But it looked too cluttered and the "S" in "class" has that sleek look that I wanted. The word "group" just looked ugly. It would have been cooler if I was in Group F, "team foxtrot" just sounds badass.

I also added some effects to it. No sounds, but I would like to add some later on and I will also probably come back to it and clean it up a little better.

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