Sunday, 9 September 2012

Back to School

So I finished my first week back at school, I only have one more class to attend which is painting on monday afternoon. 

I also have two photography classes: a legitimate photography class for my program and the elective I chose was a photography related course. I think I finally gone full hipster. So I guess that means I'll have a photography section this year too...

Here's a photo that was part of our photography "scavenger hunt". We had take pictures following the list we were given to become familiar with the camera operations and settings. Generic close up shot with a dramatic depth of field, I know. But it was the only interesting photo I took that day so deal with it.

I also haven't really done any photography since high school and kind of abandoned it, so this will be fun.

Third year is looking pretty interesting so far and there's also the end of the year VCA art show, which I'm kind of nervous about. Portfolios are my main priority though, let's hope it's this year.

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