Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hands and Feet

Life drawing assignment that was due today was to draw 5 hands and 3 feet. I spent one whole day drawing hands that were horrible. The day after, I was on a role. In the end, they turned out pretty badass and I am very pleased with the results. Although, I could use more work on them though, especially the wrist area.
Thank you Leyendecker and hand studies throughout the summer, you helped a ton.

I love these ones. The wrist on the top one is sort of wrong, it's bothering me now.

Least favourite on the top left, most people seemed to like it for some reason...

My favourite.

Second favourite.

Feet. I never drew them before, so it's not that well done. But it took less tries to get a decent foot drawing than a hand.

This was really good practice before I draw the hand drawings for portfolio. It's creeping up ever so slowly.

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