Saturday, 1 October 2011

Life Drawing

So one of the challenges I gave myself this year was to complete a sketchbook in a month (or less). I had a couple of pages left on friday and had plans to draw in the cafeteria. We ended up going to a friend's house during lunch, but returned to the caf for a bit. So I got about 2 pages from that. I then completed the final pages doing some studies, drawing from memory and completed the final page with a doodle expressing my current feeling.

Here a couple of new stuff from my sketchbook:

This was during a class critique of our watercolour portraits in painting class. I couldn't let the opportunity to draw bored people in class go to waste. Plus, it entertained me during the critique.

I did a couple more like this, this was during an extra life session. During break I would take out my sketchbook instead and draw people. If you haven't noticed yet, I've been taking every opportunity to draw if the chance arises. 

This was the final page in my sketchbook. I find it humorous that my last page greatly contrasts the first page in my sketchbook.

Life Drawing

Now here's a couple of life drawings (sans faces) that are okay:

This one I don't like that much, but the pose is pretty sweet, and although messy, I like the lines - it just flows so nicely.

Some awesome gestures.

I really like this one.

Since extra life is currently catering to Art Fundamental students, there were a ton of 30 second/1 minute poses. I didn't want to waste paper so I stuffed as many gestures as I can in a single page. There's a ton more like this, it's just this page looks the best out of all the other ones. I really like the one in the middle of the person reaching up. Heck, someone even said, "That looks awesome. I would literally pay money for that page." And no, he wasn't a fundies student.


Speaking of Art Fundies students, during the first extra life session that happened after the strike, a student sitting beside me complimented my work and asked me for advice. Me. For advice. It was an honour. I'm not saying I'm awesome at it, I know I'm not even that good. Passing by the animation hallway always makes me cry, but it made me realize how much I've improved in less than a year. In my second Extra Life session I attended, someone from my program even complimented my drawings too. It really feels great to be told your work is awesome, even though you know it's a piece of crap. Compliments like theirs make me more confident about my work, and I thank them for that.

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