Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sketchbook Spam

So it's been over one week of school already, I would expected to have created a good number of stuff already. But I haven't. I have only completed one project, which was a group project. I'll post that up as soon as I make a way to view the file since it had to be saved as a PDF, I'm just too lazy to do that right now.

I also expected to have a bunch of life drawings by now, but that stupid strike that is happening prevents me from doing that. Apparently the person who is in charge of extra life is part of the strike, you have no clue how angry I am. I'm actually putting in so much effort in getting better, and that strike is just ruining my plans.

So in the meantime, enjoy some scans from my sketchbook. I've done a lot of head studies in my sketchbook, so here are the few pages that aren't.

Here is one of many other pages of my hands. I've taken up the idea I heard someone say last year that you should draw some hands very often, like every other day or something. Since hands are bitch for me, this has been good practice.
I randomly picked someone on facebook and looked for a full body picture they had, so I drew it.

Woke up one morning and had a funny thought about about an owl wearing a sweater vest. I just had to draw it immediately.

This was when I noticed I haven't tried drawing cartoon characters in a while. I spent a great deal with head studies, so I decided to practice what I learned and use my imagination to doodle something quick.

This was at the city hall garden while I was waiting to meet up for a friend. It was turning out well, but my friend that she was nearby already and I had to abandon it. I was actually going to colour this if I finished since the flowers and trees in the garden were so colourful.


I can say for certain that Leyendecker has become my favourite artist now. Sorry Monet, you're now second. While doing these Leyendecker studies I've taken more of an appreciation towards his illustrations and just how well crafted they are overall. 

The man's eyes were covered by glasses, and that area is a mess when looked at up close. So I left his eyes out since it was confusing, but it turned out well either way.

For this I decided to have fun with the pencil for his body, i'll probably start having fun with the pencil from now on.

Since there aren't any extra life sessions and the only thing that I have close to it is drawing people in the cafeteria/during class and my life drawing class, I'll probably post more of my sketchbook in the meantime.

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