Sunday, 1 December 2013

Wilbur Expressions

Meet Wilbur the Walrus. He LOVES food, especially fish.

I've been craving sushi, hence why I have sashimi in my texture paintings as well. 

Here's some process work:

Original page when I came up with the idea of a walrus character. I always wanted him to have a broken tusk and one decorated. I got rid of the rings around his normal tusk in the final because I found it a tad distracting.

First design. His eyes were on the sides of his head like an actual walrus but it proved to be difficult to pose him with one eye always hiding. Enzo, my teacher, suggested I move his eyes to the front and change the shape of his head to a triangle. He sketched it out but it looked exactly like the walrus from Alice in Wonderland complete with bow tie prop, which I was trying to avoid the entire time (I never even looked at images of him as I worked on this). In the end I managed to find a good shape and design that I was able to work with pretty easily, considering how much difficulty I have with expressions.

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