Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Asteroid Alert

I was on the fence about whether or not I should post this on my blogger. As you're reading this it's quite obvious as to what my decision was.

This may not be the most top-notch short film you'll ever see (forgive the animation, please do not judge my animating skills based on this. There was so much to do in so little time, it didn't even need to be this polished.) but this was an awesome experience to conceive an idea and then manage to bring it to life in such a small timespan. Although this isn't the first short animated film I've done in a short timespan...*cough*checkbacknextweek*cough*

So here's Asteroid Alert:

The entire project was to figure out how to use Adobe Premier, which I must say is an okay program. I prefer After Effects over Premier, but I must say that Premier has better audio editing and a better interface for compiling sequences/compositions. 

Here's a storyboard test, the idea never changed and the plans for them were nearly identical in the final with minor tweaks here and there as well as some omissions due to time constraints:

Here is some artwork used:

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