Saturday, 14 December 2013

Ball and Tail

This year they decided to give us more work than last year's as per usual. This time we had to make 2 balls with tails or ears and a personality and have them interact with each other in some way.

     Timing on this was the most difficult part. It was a lot of work figuring out certain events that happen at the same time such as the small ball turning and zipping to its destination right in time for the big ball to squish it. But most of the frustration I had when making this was due to the awful Flipbook program we use and not the work itself. I wish someone can create a similar program that's more robust and not lacking basic program functions.

     Through this assignment I've grown accustomed to the motto: "Always Keep Flipping". I always kept flipping, a few people even pointed it out. I also finally got the inbetweening page flipping technique down! But I can't do the inbetween flip like the third year animation teacher who can do it at 24 frames a second. One day I'll be able to.

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