Sunday, 8 December 2013

Murder at Mongoose Manor - A 24 Hour Short Film by Studio Mongoose

I created a short film with a group of people! 
And what an experience!

Done in 24 hours straight! It was such an interesting 24 hours and a wonderful experience to create something from scratch with a bunch of awesome people. Even after a month from creating it, I couldn't help but smile during the premier of it on the big screen this past friday.

In the end, with our little group of friends, we called ourselves Studio Mongoose. So here's a tumblr page with some behind the scenes pictures during the production of this short film!

Studio Mongoose Tumblr

Studio Mongoose Team:
Matthew Ramirez:
Melissa Cho:
Marc Lefevre:
Raymond Dunster:
Kennith Concelos:
Kathleen Martin: Blog coming soon!

I present to you the first episode of The Keyframes! In this episode we talk about the whole 24Hour Film making experience.

The Keyframes Youtube Page
The Keyframes Podcast Tumblr

Subscribe, follow, and enjoy the work! Studio Mongoose will continue making some new stuff!
Updated my page with these links on the sidebar for you readers to return to.

Also, have some concept work of the short too!

Here's some early rough work on the character I designed.

Redesign by Kennith

Marc's character. Original in the centre, a refined on the right, and the final design on the top left.

Raymond's character and final by Kennith on the right.

Matt's character and Kennith's redesign.

Melissa's character and Kennith's redesign, it went through another redesign while animating. As well as an early plan of the guest's shapes to find an interesting composition and placement at the table, taking gender also into consideration.

Main character design by Kennith and more explorations.

Colour test I did of Eloise.

Early layout design and final placement of guests at the table so that we were able to start animating.

Wonderful Mongoose Manor design by Matthew.

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