Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Life Drawing First Semester

Here's some life drawing from first semester that I considered not to post at first due to an unfortunate apathy I have on the subject now. I need something to rekindle the passion I once had for life drawing, it's not the same anymore when I'm drawing in class but outside during extra life or in public cafe sketching, I still enjoy it a ton but something is still...different. It may be due to the pressure and the confusing, inconsistent, and muddled expectations of the work that is required in that class. 

Aside from that, at least I started noticing that I drew differently and better after the first month. The second half of the semester didn't have much progress due to other work getting in the way of life drawing. 

A few of these were submitted for the portfolios we had to hand in twice throughout the semester and a bunch not from the portfolios. 

Most of the ones I handed in for portfolio were drawn on top with a pencil crayon by my instructor with corrections and helpful guides, so most of those portfolio pieces are unfortunately not in this set and will not be posted.  I'll remember next time to take photos before submitting. There are a few drawings below with just circle marks though, just ignore those...even with those notes I still like the drawings.





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