Friday, 1 January 2016

Clayton & The Cactus - Toonboom Animation

Here's my first legit toonboom rigged animation! We had to design the character, rig it, animate it with lip synch with a background! I had a whole lot of fun animating this way, which I didn't expect at all. Really looking forward to practicing this a lot more.

Here you go! The audio clip is Pete Campbell, Accounts, from Mad Men:

The only thing is I wish I was better at rigging, but mine turned out the way I designed and needed it to so that's all that matters! 

Here's a near final doodle of the character that I made:

My approach to designing a rigged character involved making it more graphic. I originally wanted more floating features (such as the spurs and eyebrows) to make use of the fact that it's rigged and features sort of stayed in place. I looked into UPA and The Fairly Odd Parents as reference for figuring out how to simplify the character and figure out how it would move. He was originally a king character but many people pointed out many similarities with King Candy from Wreck-It-Ralph, so I changed it to a cowboy instead. 

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