Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Hero & Villain - Fashion Designers

We had to do another one of those things where we take a life drawing and push it into a character, our direction this time was to make a hero and a villain. So rather than do a cliché hero and villain in a sci fi or fantasy setting, I wanted to try something different and I decided to do characters based off fashion models/designers. 

I've always been fascinated by how outlandish the designs are of haute couture fashion and always thought their designs and approach could be applied to character design the same way their designs are distilled into typical clothing. I looked mostly into Alexander McQueen's stuff since they tend to have very striking imagery, unusual texture, and extremely strong silhouettes. I also just really wished more mainstream animation took designs tips from haute couture fashion, some interesting imagery could arise from it. Some films have that feeling such as The Fall thanks to Eiko Ishioka's wonderful and creative costume designs and many of Coleen Atwood's work. 

Anyway here's my villain Eloise Von Snoot:

Former fashion model turned fashion designer and couturier, Eloise has become one of the top designers in the industry only second to Lillian.

Top left is the original life drawing done in ink. Originally a hero stance and a typical medieval-fantasy like character, it slowly evolved into something more sinister. It is really fascinating to see the slow evolution from the original to the final. Eloise's silhouette is taken from one of Alexander Mcqueen's Savage Beauty designs. Ever since I came across that image I just had to incorporate the silhouette somehow into an evil character at one point. 

Meet Lillian Forsythe:

Lillian has been a model since she was 3 for children's clothing. At the age of 16 Lillian started her own fashion label which quickly rose to popularity in a couple years. She was declared the #1 Top Fashion Designer for 3 years in a row. Lillian is known for modelling her own designs down the runway.

Here's the original drawings and some roughs that got to the final. Her clothes are a mix of a ton of fashion designs I looked up as reference. I think it turned out fine, I just wish I had more time to refine her design and maybe push it even more like Eloise's. 

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