Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Action Analysis - Bolik's First Space Adventure

Here's my action analysis that took a good chunk of the semester to produce! I had a ton of fun with this and I'm pretty proud with how it came out. It could use a lot more work, which is why I'll be tinkering away at it a bit more. But this was what was submitted enjoy!

Here is just the action analysis on its own. I heavily referenced Animaniacs for this especially for the smears with his legs. It was so neat to go frame by frame on Animaniacs and seeing how they really pushed the characters which is what I absolutely love about the show.

Here's a rough pose test early on in the year just to get some key poses and ideas down with timing.

Character Design

Used an existing character, Bolik, from my character line up I did not too long ago. Not much changes but had to create a rotation to hand in.

Only changes I made from this design to animation was the removal of the lines on his collar (even though I like them a lot!), the brown spots on his brow (which I also liked a lot since it gave him that doberman look but was difficult to keep consistent) and the accents on his ankle from being cylindrical to just being circles. These changes were mostly done for making animation easier.

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