Sunday, 10 January 2016

Agent Leon In...Colour Correction - Pitch Package

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Filled with amazing artwork by amazing people! Go Kaleidoscope Studios!


I designed the entire layout of the pitch package from scratch. All the contents of the folder such as the paper, paper clips, polaroids, tape, rips, shadows, glare, texture blemishes, creases etc. were all done by me! It took A LOT of time to make. I spent a good 8am-10pm in the studio for an entire week just to compile and get it all together looking nice. It's a labour of love!

Since the beginning of coming up with the spy idea I had the idea of doing a dossier folder for the pitch package. I mainly looked at Creaturebox's books as a main influence since they format their pages in such creative ways that have story to them as well if you take the time to look. From logos to little written details behind the main drawings, there's a story on every page.

So for each page I decided it should be fitting for the content presented and informed the reader as though it was informing a spy on his next mission. The front page is the folder closed with a stamp of the title as though it were a "classified" or "top secret" stamp. I wanted a bit of each page to show behind the current page as though you're flipping through it. The caricatures were wonderfully done by Koko Chou after we all decided to make ourselves as super villains. Each of us drew an extremely quick sketch of how we wanted to be portrayed as and gave it to Koko to finalize. She knocked it out of the park and they all turned out amazing! Considering we have her really rough sketches of ourselves.

For the synopsis page, there was no other choice but to use continuous stationary for the text and the beat boards as though they were photographs of an event. For the character pages I wanted to keep it as simple as possible as though it were a bio page with a compilation of police sketches. Our first location takes place in a fictional Hong Kong-inspired city, then I remembered a postcard I found from my mom sometime in the early 90's with the stripes on the edges and used a similar look for the background for that page. For the secret base I decided on a blueprint background with ripped up sketches and secret photographs of the location as though they compiled the few bits of information they knew about the location. 

The props page I treated as though they were like stickers, for that I honestly didn't know what to present it as but I did my best. For the colours page I thought about how you would normally present photographs which is mounting it on a black board. It was also so that the colours would stand out much more, kind of like how I have a dark grey background on this blog so that my artwork is more noticeable.

And finally for the Chinese writings I had help from Jade Poon such as the stamps on the Hong Kong streets page and figuring out what text to put behind the main synopsis paper. We ended up just slapping on text from the Chinese wikipedia page for "chameleon". 

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it!

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