Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Apparently I'm doing well in painting class?!

HOW?! After 3 years of only getting C's in painting, I'm somehow getting better marks in animation painting class, coming from a teacher who isn't so generous with giving out B's. I guess I finally improved?

But even without the marks I'm getting, I've actually noticed that I've improved in painting! So here are the projects we've done so far! Because I actually want to post them! YAY FOR CONFIDENCE! And of course, I'm still learning how to paint.

Basic Shapes and Shading

This assignment was ridiculous because the previous year never had to paint 8 shapes which took a lot more time than you would think, which was a few hours for each shape. So that ate up most of my time.

Gray to Colour Layout

I did another western theme, forgive me for liking the visual motifs in a western.
Also here are the bountiful thumbnails that I created for that assignment.


Even I'm not so satisfied with my final painting (above), but there are still things about it that I like.
And painting thumbnails, a few of which I actually prefer over my final:


This assignment was something I was afraid of at first but I became super satisfied with the end result. These tiny 3.5" x 4" paintings took a large amount of time considering how tiny they were. I'm not one to mention the amount of time it took to create a piece of art but it sure does put this into perspective. One of the paintings I spent over 5 hours on, I made so many mistakes on the chocolate frosting and macaron paintings but I forced myself to fix them instead of giving up and starting a new one. I'm mostly proud of my corn one, it make me crave some corn every time I look at it.


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