Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Royal Winter Fair

Behold, my winter fair drawings:

The toned paper was grey, not this brown. Every time it scanned it turned it this colour and made it high contrast even when I meddled with the settings. Nonetheless enjoy them.


Cleaned up line work of my title page.

My title page is a reference to the Louis XIV portrait by Hyacinthe Rigaud. Sadly, only a few people picked up the reference, the rest at least understood the royal portrait idea. I decided to replace objects in the painting with more farm related items but kept some important things such as the red heels, thanks art history. I also needed poop on the title page because I haven't seen so much poop at once in my life. I almost stepped on a large pile of wet poop that was near the height of my knee.

Apart from the poop, the large crowds and some non-artists scoffing at us and wondering why we can't just draw from photos, it was pretty fun! I wish I could have returned during the weekday, which apparently wasn't crowded at all according to those who went back during the week. I was extremely exhausted by the end of the day as it was such a great challenge, at least we'll be going to the zoo next semester. Thank god I have a membership for that.

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