Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Numbers Series

So last year I made something for my birthday to commemorate me becoming the big 2 - 0. Afterwards I thought it was a neat idea to create more designs following the same idea with obscured numbers.

So I started it last year but grew tired of it. I went back to it every now and then but I still struggled to create anything interesting with certain numbers (number 5 I'm looking at you). But it's been a while since I worked on it and I thought that rather than making it a lost cause I should finally finish it.

Heck, I've gotten a ton of new fonts and learned many new things about design since then. So here they are, finally completed. I attempted to make each one have a theme, typically what I first thought of when I thought of that number:

I thought of binary for 0 and 1, so I went with the inverted look.

Luck. Weird considering 6 is my lucky number.

I had a different look for this one but when I went back to it I noticed that it just didn't look right. So I changed it.

I thought of Piet Mondrian because of the grid-like look of the number.

Struggled with this the most. I thought of "5 golden rings" line from 12 Days of Christmas. Finally found a font that conveyed some neat curves.


Jocks/sports jerseys. I don't know why.

Pop art.

1984/A totalitarian government. 
The number nine coloured green on a black background was the first image that came into my head. I went through a bunch of different looking "9"'s until finally settling with this one. 

They look rather nice together.

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