Friday, 24 May 2013

VCA Painted Music Video Collaboration - O'Brother by The Snips

For our digital imagery class we were given 24 frames each from a music video. 12 were to be done digitally and the other 12 were to be done by hand. 

We were told to keep the same colours that were found in our frames but people went and did their own thing anyway even when they stressed not to. Turns out the instructors were okay with it, so I was kind of bummed that I kept all my frames similar to the actual video and wished I could have gone a little overboard kind of like a friend's (Kasia Woronko, check her other stuff out while you're at it!) banana-themed frame.

The assignment was too much work to be done in so little time along with other more important assignments, the annoying song, and overall annoying to work on. But to be honest, the final product is actually pretty sweet. It's awesome to see what other people did with their frames (especially the part at 3:13) and how certain parts match up with certain music cues. It definitely deserves to be rewatched several times.

Anyway here are a couple of the frames I did, which are found at the beginning of the video:

Analog Frames (not all of them)

Digital Frames

I preferred my digital frames over my analog ones, even my second digital frame was put up on display!


  1. Argh I just kept hearing over and over again about this project, but if you asked me, you all did an amazing job.

    great work, and it looks like all that effort paid off =D

  2. Yooo I wanna thank you for this dude, this is my first time seeing this. It turned out pretty sweet! I hate those random pauses of black though, destroyed the flow for me :(

  3. Yes The Snips!

    and awesome work man! Your gestures are incredible!