Monday, 24 June 2013

Daily Sketches

Lately, I've been participating in this daily sketching forum. They post a theme and you draw something fitting that theme. I decided that this was a good way to warm up so every morning I take about 15 to 30 minutes maximum to create or study something. 

It has definitely helped in more ways than one. It's not just a warm up but it also helps me think creatively, makes me do research, and I try to make myself try something different each time. Whether it's a technique or style it's a great way to see what I can accomplish and what I'm having difficulty with.

Here are the ones that I like. If indicated, titles are in italics and the theme for that particular day is in bold and links to references if used. 

Golden Tanager Study
Colour/Selective Colour

Celebrity Plumbers
Absurd Reality Shows

Messy Spaces
This one is my favourite I've done so far, lots of people liked it too!


Game of Thrones/Medieval Era
*Note: I began GoT a couple of days after this, I feel like drawing something from it now. And all of you people can get off my back now that I finally watch it.

Marty On His Hoverboard
Time Travel


Free Draw

Serious Quill
Magic Quill

Manly Still Life

Dwarf Fortress


Eye Study (of my own eye)
Free Draw

Still Life

*No tracing or eyedropper tool used from the original sources.

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